To Be A Soldier

October 30, 2017Colorado Soldiers Return Home


I crowned myself a wandering soul

Conducting patrols for miles on end

Quite often lost, direction of thought

Relentless to bear

Hostile fire and guerilla warfare

Renewing the horrors of innocent death

From village to village, everywhere


When cautious winks, brought scattered sleep

I found myself a restless soul

Unable to bear the scattered the remains

Of cities in flames

From bombs and grenades

Yet degradation and annihilation

Had met the mission

To counter insurrection


We severed violence, through any means

To restore the leaders, exiled by many

To legitimacy and status quo ante

Even beneath disturbing dreams

And silent screams

Of a battered Soldier

Yet in the end, there was freedom, again


Such an awesome burden

For one to shoulder

But it was my duty, to bear it

To Be A Soldier


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