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Past the Line

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Past The Line was a fantastic read. It grips you and makes you want more. There were twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. This book makes you want to get to know the characters, it pulls you in like you are right there with the characters! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery and suspense. –Kindra Handley



-IP Book Reviewers

Drama and tension take over this book right from the start…For readers who wish and edge to their fiction.

“…as entertaining as any book I have read. It captures your attention from page one and manages to keep it there until the very end. I especially like the way it started with the plot of the book or at least what you thought was the main plot, and then went into detail on how everything transpired. The preface even lays the groundwork for upcoming books. I have either read or listened to many books by Tom Clancy, Faye Kellerman and Patricia Cornwell and many others and this book is just as well written and entertaining and I have already recommended to many of my friends who like to read.” -Tim Leonhart, BookMasters Inc.

“…Past the Line was riveting, suspenseful and totally filled with the most exciting lifelike drama…like watching a movie. At certain points, the impact of the story actually transformed me from a reader to a participant. It seemed so real, that is the one time I experienced a written story coming alive off the pages. Thrilling and sometimes scary as I forgot I was reading a book.” -Colonel Mary C. Clark

“I started reading your book and I couldn’t close it. I read your book for eight consecutive hours while in flight. From the beginning, it grabbed me by the throat and it wouldn’t let go. It is brilliantly written and should be on the bestseller list.” -Terry Patton

“I really like the reverse chronological maze the book takes you through. The descriptive word usage is excellent. I was able to visualize almost every detail of each scene.” -James Pollard

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for this wonderful book. Since I bought it, I have yet to put it down. The book is riveting to say the least. Well written and an extreme attention getter.” -Samantha Hager

“I have read it and found it intriguing; at some points, I hated to put it down. You are certainly on your way to the best seller list if you are writing as such. Keep me posted on Mr. Cutter’s next story. Thanks for a fine story and yes, it was a surprise ending.” -Alfred C. Meyers