Books by E T Milligan

Front Cover - Past The Line - Oct 10 2017

Past The Line – (Book 1-The Blake Cutter Detective Series)

When Miami Police Detective Blake Cutter’s wife is killed in a car bomb intended for him, revenge will take him past the line. As obsession with tracking down his wife’s killer jeopardizes the investigation, Cutter is transferred to an FBI field office for a fresh start in a small Georgia town. His investigation of a suspicious drowning leads him into a tangled web of intrigue and deceit. Within days, the drowning turns into a homicide investigation with multiple suspects. One of the suspects, a mysterious woman who just happens to be the spitting image of his late wife, becomes the only link between the drowning victim Phillip Drummond and the mafia head he suspects is responsible for his wife’s death. He soon learns that the woman is a threat to the mob and has been targeted for elimination. Keeping her safe from the mob as well as criminal prosecution is his only chance to bring his wife’s killer to justice. To save her, he must risk his career in an unsanctioned police operation. It’s a desperate race against time. He has less than forty-eight hours to rescue her and take down the organization before the case is commandeered by a rogue federal agent with a hidden agenda.




Other literary works:

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On Linda: Love, Loss and Renewal, The Case For Human Organ Sharing

This novel is especially important for minorities. Milligan shows how a shortage of blood and organ donations from Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities has led to a health crisis that causes thousands of needless deaths each year. Although written with the awareness of this medical emergency for minorities, Milligan’s ultimate message is one of hope and inspiration for all of us.



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Images of Life

A creative compilation of poetry exploring themes as poignant as nature, devotion, prejudice, And spirituality. In this unique collection, Milligan examines the subjects that are pertinent in today’s society, offering sharp insights into the virtue that binds humans together and the vice that tears them apart.




   The Looking Glass SelfFront Cover-The Looking Glass Self - Oct 29 2017

 This novel is a story of a 16-year-old boy who discovers his true path to self- actualization and success. He uncovers the mysterious existence of this late grandfather’s ghost who returns to earth to help him achieve self-esteem in the midst of life’s triumphs and tragedies.